New records for NAHBS 2009

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Indianapolis pre-registrations numbers surpass Portland show

Speedway, Indiana – With names such as De Rosa, Zullo, Serotta, Sachs, Calfee, Crumpton, Vanilla, Walker and De Salvo among the exhibitors, the world’s leading handmade bicycle show presents not only the greatest concentration of quality custom bicycles in the world this year, but in the five years of running the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS).

The show takes place this weekend at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, February 27 – March 1. Policy changes after last year’s show restricted entry to builders with product liability insurance, who had completed at least 50 frames or been in business for two years.

“It is always a risk to introduce a policy that raises the bar like this, but NAHBS is a show that presents the best of the best in bicycling, and to be true to this goal we needed to have only the more accomplished frame builders there,” said Don Walker, the founder and director of the show, a frame builder himself who runs Speedway Handmade Bicycle Works out of Speedway, Indiana.

Not only are the top frame builders in the world showing up among the 116 exhibitors at NAHBS, but also the top component manufacturers will be there, represented by names such as Zipp, Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Cane Creek, Paul, White Industries, Chris King and HED.

With the show starting this week, Friday February 27, online ticket purchases have already surpassed the 2008 Portland figure, and is far in excess of San Jose in 2007. About 6,500 people are expected to attend the show over the weekend.

Admission Price Information

    $20 per day at the door (Cash and credit cards accepted)
    Children 5 and under free
    Children age 6-14 $8 per day
    Teenagers 15 and over pay full adult price

Watch Cyclelicious over the weekend for show notes and photos. Please feel free to leave a comment here with links to your blog posts, Tweets and photos from this year’s show.

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I have a partial list of NAHBS Twitter people here, more on the way.

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