Q. Why no aero wheels on the front?

During the Tour de France, Bike Hugger is hosting a live chat during the race over at Hub.BikeHugger.com. One of the questions that popped up during the Individual Time Trial on Monaco concerned the aero wheels on the time trial bikes.

Q. I’m a mountain biker and we don’t use aero wheels, but watching the Tour I wonder why they don’t use aero wheels on the front.

The inquiry was concerning the disk wheels used during the time trial. Several chatters answered the question: Full disk wheels on the front make the bike difficult to control, especially in a crosswind.

If you have questions regarding equipment, teams, people, rules, or any other aspect of the Tour de France, jump in during the race at Bike Hugger Hub chat. We’re mostly pretty friendly and there are no stupid questions.

Bike Hugger closes the chat out right at the stage finish. Today’s Stage 3 (Monday, July 6) will be finished by about 8:30 AM Pacific Time, but drop in to see when the next chat time is.

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