Santa Cruz bike bridge to open this Friday

On Friday, January 23rd, at 4PM, there will be a ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony for the new bicycle/pedestrian bridge across the San Lorenzo River near Highway 1. The bridge serves as a connection to the two north ends of the river path next to Highway 1 and will create many excellent options for using the river levee system.

This photo I took last week has had nearly 700 views on Flickr in just five days. Say hello to Anna and her newly built fixed gear bicycle. Can we push it over a thousand in the next day?

Anna's new fixie build

Watch for a giveaway coming soon: A chance to meet mountain bike LEGENDS Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly down in San Diego!

Meet Tom Ritchey at Palo Alto Bicycles Friday night. Ritchey will speak on January 22 about his past, the present regarding his products and the industry and where he sees the industry going in the future, as well as his philanthropic ventures including NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League and Project Rwanda. Space is limited so RSVP here. Props to Chris for the heads up to me on this.

& cetera…

The lil’ hipster singlespeed bike with “ brightly-colored hand grips, top-tube pad with clashing color scheme, five-blade aero spoke wheels, single hand brake” seen at a University of Manitoba Bike Rack.

Environmentally Neutral Design?

Bike Jobs

Environmental outreach and education specialist in Boulder City, Nevada.

Inside sales for a sock company in Westminster, Colorado.

San Francisco, California is once again hiring for a “mosquito abatement courier.” Check it out — you get paid to ride your bike all day around San Francisco:

Pestec IPM providers, an Environmentally Sensitive pest management firm is recruiting new team members for our Mosquito Abatement Courier (MAC) team.

Job Summary:
The MAC is responsible for thoroughly inspecting a portion of the City by bicycle for standing water and making reduced-risk larvicide treatments. The MAC team member must exhibit and maintain a high level of efficiency, dependability, while working independently in this casual and cooperative environment. This position is seasonal and will end in the late fall.

• Prepare supplies and route for the day
• Ride 10-20 miles, eventually covering every corner of the City
• Inspect sources of mosquito breeding and treat for the prevention of mosquito emergence
• Report activities by GPS

• Must be able to ride carrying a 10 lb pack
• Must be able to bend down 250-350 times
• Must have a bicycle in good working order & keep maintained prior to work hrs.
• Must be punctual and reliable. Work is 5 days/week
• Must be a resident of San Francisco
• A background check will be carried out prior to starting
• Must be drug free and healthy

• Bicycle MUST have gears, no single speed or fixed gear bikes
• Rack and panniers are highly recommended
• Basic bicycle repair knowledge is a must
• Ability to perform repetitive actions on a daily basis (i.e. bending over
hundreds of times a day)

*This position is full time and we prefer those that can commit to returning the next year for the entire season (if they love it, as most do).

*Approximately 1/3 of our MAC team transitioned to year round roles last year and we are hoping for the same trend. These roles have varied from administrative, to dog handling, to our very first IPM practitioner operating from a bike.

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