Small town wants bike tourists

The people of Twin Bridges, Montana like touring cyclists so much they’re establishing a campground just for cyclists. “I have met dozens of cyclists passing through and they were some of the nicest people I ever have met,” says local resident Bill White. “So, I gathered the troops and moved a concept to a reality. The problem is, none of us cycle and we don’t really know what the needs of cyclists are.”

Read more at Biking Bis.

Yellow Wig
San Jose Bike Party cyclists. Photo by Richard Masoner.

More bicycle news…

Maker Faire San Mateo call for entries. Maker Faire San Mateo is May 30 and 31. I’ll be there taking photos and gawking at the cool stuff.

Underground Bike Parking in Japan.

Two Way Tandem.

Boing Boing discovers cycling jersey with muscle print. Mario’s had more class, IMO.

Why did I mark this for posting?

The Craziest Home Made Bike Mods.

Streetsblog: The state of California eliminated the State Transit Assitance program in the budget that was finally approved last week. Advocates work to restore this funding.

Bike Hugger likes the Alfine hub. I’ve put some time on an Alfine equipped bike and I like it too.

Maybe TMI.

Fremont Fixed Alleycat March 7, 2009. Race from erick fletes on Vimeo.

Bicycle headbadges slideshow.

Eco Velo is running a bike photo contest and showing off the nice entries he’s received so far. Deadline is March 15; prizes include lights, bags, a DVD, bells and other bike accessories. Which photos should I submit?

Link love…

Greenz.JP used a photo from my parents’ home to illustrate an article about alternative energy in Japan.

Pedaleiro in Brazil likes the blue socks.

Single Parent Vacation.

Lance’s Big Adventure.

Bicycle Jobs this week as seen on Craigslist…

If you’re hiring, please feel free to add info in the comments section like some of you have done before…

Atlanta: Performance bike store manager.

Berkeley: Alta Planning seeks Junior Planner and Landscape Designer.

Boulder: Bikes Belong marketing

Littleton, CO: State Park Ranger.

Los Angeles: Cycling delivery person.

San Francisco: Bike rental shop staff

San Francisco: Engineer / fabricator with bicycle design experience.

San Mateo, CA: Performance bike shop manager.


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