Thursday bicycle news

Christian Science Monitor: Can bikes and cars share the road?

Commuting In NYC Bicycle Gains In Popularity According To DOT Study

Women’s Cycling Magazine Issue#1. Well done Marian, Carson and Echo.

Bill Cunningham NY Bike Fashion slide show.

Cafiend had an interesting week.

How young is too young to carry your child by bike? (and by the way, congrats to Momentum Magazine editor Tania Lo on the birth of her son!)

Van De Velde to race in Tour of Missouri.

New bike lane on Skyline.

Photo: Transporting salt in Indonesia.

Salt Refining Remains A Mainstay Of Indonesian Economy

How many bikes can Morgan haul at once?


Cash for Clunkers Portland Style.

Make ice cream with your bike.

Review: Swobo Crosby bicycle.

Bicycle parking Guard Dog.

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