Transit amendment passes Rules Committee, coming to House vote TODAY

Update: Nadler’s amendment passed in a voice vote early this afternoon (Eastern Time). Next step: The Senate version of the bill needs help.

Thank you to everybody who called or emailed messages to Congressional representatives this week. Your support was noted and reportedly made all the difference!

Representative David Nadler’s amendment to increase funding made it past the House Rules Committee on Tuesday afternoon and is ready to go to a floor vote TODAY.

The floor vote can happen early today, so call your Representative NOW using this web contact form. If you don’t know your ZIP+4, use the USPS ZIP locator.

When you leave a message with your House representative, state your name, your city, and that you support Representative Nadler’s amendment to increase transit funding in the economic stimulus bill. You might also mention your opposition to Arizona Rep Jeff Flake’s amendment to strike all Amtrak funding. A backlog of over $5 billion in “shovel ready” transit projects have been identified that can start in the next 120 days and that will provide 178,000 jobs.

The White House opposes the Nadler Amendment, so your call is very important. Please lookup and call your representative as soon as possible. For additional information on Nadler’s amendment, read here [PDF] and here.

Additionally, the Senate continues work on their version of the economic stimulus bill. Click here to contact your Senator and urge them to pass a better bill that provides better accountability and plans for the future.

Andy Singer‘s “No Exit” comic reprinted here with his kind permission.

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