Wednesday bicycle news

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Boarding NB Caltrain at Palo Alto

Road raging driver gets out of his Cadillac and stabbed a bicyclist in San Francisco. Police officers quickly found the motorist and “extracted him” from the car “at gunpoint.” Why were the SFPD so concerned about this instance of bicyclist abuse? It turns out the cyclist is a San Francisco police sergeant. Video and text news at KTVU.

A masked crusader on a bicycle fends off fiends, protects the vulnerable, and fixes flat tires. He’s my hero!

Guest editorial on Davis as a cycling city by Paul Dorn published in the Vacaville Reporter. This is how we promote bicycling!

You can meet Paul at the the bike blogger mixer this Saturday night in Sacramento, along with Steve Hill of Steephill.TV, Jonathan of, David of The Fredcast and myself. Others who say they’ll try to drop by: Neil at Road Magazine; Specialized Bicycles brand manager Chris Matthews; sports photographers Carson Blume and Ken Conley; Doc Logan. If you read Cyclelicious and you’ll be in Sacramento this Saturday, I’d love to meet you!

Cool trick: if your carbon fiber seatpost is stuck in the frame, remove the bottom bracket and pour Coca Cola down the seattube of your inverted bicycle. Jim Langeley says this can work.

A guide to bike friendly hotels, motels and campgrounds.

Have an old bike to refurbish? Consult this resource.

Have I already pointed you to this Parody of a campy 90s bike safety video?


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