2010 Virtual Alleycat start

The 2010 Kickstand Cyclery Virtual Alleycat begins at 7 AM US Pacific time. Keep these things in mind as you race:

  • There’s a secret password for the final race checkpoint — this password is given at one of the checkpoints, so pay attention!
  • For the final checkpoint, you must submit a list of all checkpoints in the order you visited them. This can either be the domain name (e.g. cyclelicio.us) or a complete URL (e.g. http://www.example.com/2010/12/alleycat.html) — either is valid.
  • Some checkpoints are easier to find than others. You may need to hunt through comments or use a site search to find the alleycat checkpoint. I know one of the European checkpoints has a riddle in place.
  • If you get stuck or lost or can’t find a checkpoint, don’t despair! We’ll start posting clues later in the day to ensure everybody can make it through.

Read the rules at the alleycat start page and good luck! You can begin here at 7 AM US Pacific Time / 10 AM US Eastern Time.


  1. Did not seem to be a place on the checkpoint page to leave a comment / breadcrumb

    Ryan #1578

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