45 MPH!

Maybe I should try this competitive Strava stuff all of the middle aged cyclists I know are into. Last week, I hit 45 MPH on a flat straightaway on Central Expressway, and kept it above 40 mph for the one mile from Shoreline Boulevard to about Whisman Road. That’s Mark Cavendish’s speed when he sprints to win in a stage race.

Somebody sign me up for HTC! Just don’t tell them I was tucked behind a slowly accelerating delivery truck.

Bangladeshi climate campaigner M. Abul Hossain Asad rides a bicycle on a four month journey through southeast Asian to promote climate protection —

Bangladeshi climate campaigner M. Abul Hossain Asad rides a bicycle past the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh August 29, 2010. Abul Hossain is now in Cambodia and will head for Loas on August 31, 2010, to continue his four month journey through Southeast Asia to promote climate protection. REUTERS/Chor Sokunthea (CAMBODIA - Tags: CRIME LAW SOCIETY)

Better, bigger, and MOAR bike fashions at the 2010 Pedal Savvy Fashion Show during San Francisco Bike Expo. Two ‘main’ shows, and several mini teaser shows will feature lifestyle cycling apparel and accessories. It’s good stuff!

Happy Bike Story: Newlyweds Aaron and Kristen Berlin spent their honeymoon repairing bikes for children at an orphanage in Thailand which, honestly, makes people like me who grew up during the “Greed Is Good” era look bad.

Bike path target practice sounds like a bad idea to me.

Ask a Bike Nerd: What kind of bike, and how much to spend?

San Rafael / Marin County: Highway 101 bike path held up by California budget.

Santa Rosa / Sonoma County California: Bike & pedestrian paths.

Albany NY editorial on bike registration fees.

Soldiers look at a BMW bicycle on display at the Moscow International Car Show —

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. AUGUST 25, 2010. BMW bike displayed at the 2010 Moscow International Car Show. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Valery Sharifulin) Photo via Newscom

Dear Friend: Bikes laying around in the open are not free to take, especially if they’re laying around on a dead end street in a residential neighborhood. Update: the bikes are labeled “FREE.” Silly me for presuming.

Different: An electric motor hub mounted to a bike trailer. The powered trailer pushes the bike.

Bicycle Design reminds that Eurobike begins Friday.


  1. um, the free bikes pretty clearly had notes on them saying they were free to whoever wanted to take them. Not like someone was blogging about stealing bikes that someone had just ditched in their front yard for a few minutes….

  2. Unless you were actually *latched* to the back of a delivery truck, it's still impressive. 😉

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