Admin: Mobile devices on Cyclelicious

The 5% of you who view Cyclelicious on a mobile device should see a simplified, mobile version of this site that looks something like the image shown here.

Bike blog WPTouch mobile version

1. If you have a mobile device that sometimes displays the mobile version, please let me know in the comments what the device is if the full website version causes problems for you. Android devices in particular, I’m told, break when the Disqus commenting system tries to load. I realize there’s a Catch 22 — if you’re broken then you can’t comment, so you can also use my old contact form, Facebook or Twitter.

2. If you have a mobile device that never displays the mobile version, let me know as well. Please tell me what you see on the User Agent string (shown below) as well.

User Agent: Please copy the below and paste into your comment if you have a problem with your mobile device. Scripting must be enabled for this to work.

Nerdy Details: I used the free version of BraveNewCode‘s WPTouch plugin to detect your mobile device, and I’ve set it up in “restricted” mode to disable the other plugins I use and minimize compatibility problems. I think it mostly works, but I don’t use a smartphone so user feedback is always good.

I’ve looked into enabling this “mobile view” mode for all visitors, but I don’t quite understand all of the code yet and I’m worried about breaking something. If this is something you’d like, let me know and I might be persuaded into putting some time on that.


  1. I’ve never had a problem on your site with Disqus. I do, however, have a hit-n-miss experience reading posts regarding mobile or normal layout. Or, said another way, I don’t always see the mobile layout when I drill down to a story.

    I’m on a Motorola droid with the latest OS update.

  2. Looks nice on iPhone — however, ditto the previous comment that following some posts you get mobile format, others you don’t. “Surly Cargo Trailer” gives me mobile; “Sign O Bike” doesn’t.

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