Advice from 911

Last January, computer programmer Ed Magos was riding his bike to work at Los Angeles City Hall when fashion designer Angelina Everett hit him with her Porsche Carrera SUV. Everett stopped, looked at Magos, saw that he was seriously injured, got back in her car and drove away.

An hour and a half later, she finally called 911 and asked the dispatcher, “Am I going to jail?”

The operator’s chilling response: People don’t go to jail for hit-and-runs involving cyclists.

And that remained true for most of this year as the police and prosecutors ignored Everett’s crime. After loud criticism and protest rides from Los Angeles cyclists, however, the city attorney relented and decided to prosecute. Yesterday, Everett was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

It goes to show: Don’t give up on this stuff — you all can make a difference in winning justice for cyclists.

More at Biking In LA.


  1. So, how about that hit-n-run doucherocket in Vail? Any organized campaign/protest yet in that situation?

  2. Wow, at least the 911 operator was proven wrong. It takes a village and that is why effective advocacy is so important.

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