Al Roker rides a bicycle


I’ve seen bike vs car vs transit commuter challenge stories in local papers and special interest media, but how about the nationally televised Today Show?

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Al Roker wears a suit while riding a small folder (hurray!) and runs into an old friend on the street, Matt Lauer rides public transportation while joking about snack service on the bus, and Meredith Vieira drives her car. I like the part where Meredith gripes about getting cut off by a cyclist, and then the immediate cut to a scene where a motorist veers right across Al’s path.

Commentary elsewhere: Interbike Times.


  1. Nice and upbeat – not bad at all! And not bad that the bike won the challenge, wearing a suit no less! – and at the end he did NOT complain about being hot and sticky and smelly, he just looked like he'd had a nice invigorating ride.

  2. Not to be picky, but I think that opening slideshow of a car in traffic, a subway train, and a bicycle used a photo of a Chicago Transit Authority train car.

  3. That was funny.
    Roker – Bike lanes ALL the way down Broadway. My man Mike, taking care of the bike.
    Lauer – Do they serve snacks on this [the bus]?

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