America Ferrera rides a bicycle

Actress America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame is so adorable on a bicycle!

America Ferrerra aka Ugly Betty on a bicycle

TV and film industry hair stylist Jennifer Jane takes photos of celebrities on her marvelous blue cruiser bike and posts them to her blog, Famous People On My Bike.

This one of America Ferrera she shot during filming of The Dry Land. Jennifer also has a photo of America’s fiancĂ© Ryan Piers Williams on the bike at her blog.

Jennifer tells me she wishes she thought to start this “famous people on my bike” blog years ago! For now, she asks that you visit her other blog, Morning Bike Porn.

Thank you to Jennifer Jane for her kind permission to post that photo of the lovely America Ferrera!

America told iVillage a while back that she prefers biking over driving or taking the cab.

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