April Showers

We’re enjoying a beautiful day *ahhhh CHOO!* in the Bay Area — temperatures in the 70s F / low 20s C with gorgeous sunny skies *sneeze* encouraging scores of trees and flowers to ahchoo achoo achoo bloom. Perfect biking koff koff koff weather! I hope you’re enjoying the spring weather as much as I am!

Bikes news and link outs below.

Hanoi bicycle Photo: “Reverse the history” delivery bike in Hanoi, Vietnam by Thanh Mai Bui Duy. Creative Commons “Some Rights Reserved” license.

Biking fifth graders got sick of navigating around trash cans cluttering the road on pickup day, so they did some research, showed up at a city council meeting, and got city code changed. Via.

Utility Cycling Analysis of Google “Bike There” option part 1. I’ve submitted a number of corrections and gotten a response on two so far.

Mission San Francisco Federal Credit Union offers loans of up to $2,500 specifically for bikes. SF Appeal points out that an $800 loan paid off in 9 months gives you a monthly payment of $93, which isn’t that much more than the cost of a Muni Fast Pass.

Wend Magazine: Cargo bikes make commuting easier, though I wonder about the need to haul so much *stuff* just for a commute!

The story of Alleycat Acres, “an urban farming collective with bikes!”

Gotta run; enjoy the beautiful pollen soaked air!


  1. The link to Google review sends you to the story about the kids and the garbage cans.

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