Cookbook : The Athlete’s Plate

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The Athlete’s Plate: Real Food for High Performance from Velopress is a guide and cookbook with easily prepared recipes by professional chef and endurance athlete Adam Kelinson.

The Athlete's Plate

Kellinson’s focus is on meals that are quick to prepare, tasty, nutritious and wholesome, but his book is much more than just a recipe book. The first 100 pages are a guide to ‘making nutrition a lifestyle,’ in which Kellinson encourages locally sourced ingredients, with variations in his recipes suggesting ways to modify your meals.

Kellinson is not a nutritionist and he promotes several fads in his book so I take some of his advice with a grain of metaphorical salt, but he does have plenty of good advice for the busy athlete, and the recipes I’ve tried are wonderful. Athlete’s Plate isn’t a comprehensive “how to” of cooking, but he does give a nod to those who may not be familiar with their way around the kitchen, with illustrations on everything from scooping the flesh from an avocado to segmetting an orange to boning a chicken and making a papillote (paper to wrap fish in for baking).

The Athlete’s Plate makes a decent gift for the athlete in your life.


  1. I love the approach to cooking with whole, real foods with local ingredients!

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