AToC Stage 3: Photo Finish!


David Zabriskie squeezed across the finish line by the barest margin ahead of Michael Rogers, with Levi Leipheimer following behind them.

Zabriske wins Stage 3

Photo finish

Photo finish

2010 AToC Stage 3 Finish Santa Cruz


Image Info: Top 3 video captures provided courtesy AEG. Finish line photo Copyright 2010 Tarmo Hannula All Rights Reserved and published here with his permission. Podium photo Richard Masoner.


  1. …good stage & i'd say we've got a race on our hands…

    …zabriskie can be such a nonentity even in races that he wins but today he showed some real dznutz, at least in the end…almost “cancellara-ish” in that he put down the power strong enough that his break-mates couldn't counter or come around…

  2. Thanks Versus! My heart thanks you too for broadcasting a boring intro to a hockey game instead of that exciting last 2 km in ToC.

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