Hot Monday

Happy Monday.

The San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District (abbreviated and pronounced “QWGHLM“), announced a “Spare the Air Day” today because of high levels of ground level ozone caused by very high temperatures combined with the usual chocking volume of automobile exhaust. Ozone was so thick in the air yesterday afternoon I could taste it, and I plan to ride my bike 22 miles through it this evening.

A hunter bikes across Fluela Pass in the eastern Swiss Alps after the first snowfall of the season.

A hunter rides his bike past the Fluela Pass in the eastern Swiss Alps after the first snowfall September 26, 2010. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann (SWITZERLAND - Tags: ENVIRONMENT)

White Soma Rush with red rims stolen while while the bike’s owner was loaded into an ambulance after he was hit by a car. Via.

Quickie® Shark handcycles from Sunrise Medical recalled.

Bikes in fashion magazine ads.

Guerrilla bike lane in Toronto.

New York cyclists criticize 1st Ave bike lanes.

Cool Instructable: the Plywood Bicycle (project inspired by Bicycle Design.

DIY Frankenbike longtail cargo bike.

Fail Blog: Bike Lock Fail.

Leonardo DeCaprio rides an A2B eBike.

80’s “Winne-bike-o”.

6 pound bike for under $45,000.

Segway tragedy.


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