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Happy Holidays, all. It’s sunshiny and wonderful if a little chilly in my corner of California — perfect riding weather. I hear many of you will have a white Christmas this weekend, so stay safe on the roads.

Bicycle news and blog roundup

Portland & Seattle potential bikeability heat map

Tom Vanderbilt looks at the claims made by “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” about the new bike facilities at Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.

Renaissance Bicycles closing their virtual doors.

That tax cut compromise also contained an extension of transit benefits.

No Hands: The Rise and Fall of the Schwinn Bicycle Company, an American Institution [Ad]

ngram book viewer for bicycle car bus train, courtesy of Treehugger.

Kent’s guide to locking your bike.

Soma Lauterwasser, he says. “Gesundheit,” says I.

UPS Christmas package delivery by bike in Menlo Park.

Planetizen and a bikeability heat map: Comparing Seattle to Portland, transportation planner Adam Parast used GIS data to show the most bikeable parts of the city: More here.

Huntington Beach: Guy on a bike hit twice by cars dies from his injuries. Many reader comments along the lines of “Why do bikes think they’re cars?” 🙁

Marietta, Ohio Christmas Lights Bike Tour.

Logo dispute.

Weird that this is even debatable: You know you’re safest riding with traffic, right? Apparently, there are many people who disagree and believe they’re safer going against the flow. There are a few follow up comments as well.

Finally, Mountain Bike Action has some ideas for you last minute Christmas shoppers.

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  1. People believed in spontaneous generation for a long time, too… I think mirrors could help with the salmon cyclists a little bit. Don’t know what to do about the “but we’re big enough to kill you, so why should we have to pay attention?” attitudes… that’s the American attitude of the day.

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