In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day tomorrow with family visits, feasting and American football games.

I’ve previously described my upbringing on a US military base in Japan. Yokota Air Base also had a noticeable international military presence through the United Nations Command. The UNC is the unified military command structure established in 1950 after North Korea (DPRK) invaded South Korea (ROK). About a dozen nations or so continue to provide troops and other support to the United Nations Command, but at Yokota I mostly saw Australian, Canadian, British, and New Zealand personnel. The current commander of UN Command Rear at Yokota is Australian Royal Air Force Group Captain Anthony McCormack, which should, incidentally, drive the New World Order conspiracy theorists absolutely nuts. I think a Group Captain is about equivalent to a US Air Force Colonel.

Supporting the UN Command are the 30,000 soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines of the United States Force Korea, along with their dependents (i.e. their spouses and children). I’m sure most of them expected to spend a little time to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m also sure a lot of their plans have been abruptly cancelled.

For all of you in harm’s way this Thanksgiving, and for everybody away from their loved ones, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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