Contacted winners

Good morning, friends.

I’ve contacted the 1st/2nd/3rd place winners in the Kickstand Cyclery Virtual Alleycat so stay tuned for the podium ceremony soon. Remember, this continues through next Monday morning, so don’t give up. I’ll tell you, however, that it’s getting more difficult to find the links. Prizes remain open for the DFL prize, best comment, and the random prize from Pedal Clothing.

Say “Hi” to Cameron. She works at Elliott Bay Bicycles in Seattle where she welds bike frames for Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles. Photo courtesy Bike Hugger.

Shop Girl in Pink Jersey

A proposed bicycle safety bill in Oklahoma to be introduced by Oklahoma State Senator (and avid cyclist) Andrew Rice of Oklahoma City. Rice says he’ll model his legislation on Colorado’s 2009 Bicycle Safety Act, which has a 3-feet-pass requirement, clarifies rules on cyclist lane position, allows side-by-side riding, and criminalizes harassment. Andrew’s older brother, David Rice, was one of the victims in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

“I don’t smoke pot but I roll fatties.”

Lorena Cupcake is her real name, she says.

Gah, sad news at Haro.

A fingerbang, a wink, and a “You got it, Babe.”

Don’t let the terrorists know how we store road salt.

DC Metro: Promote cycling to promote transit ridership. Caltrain has the same official policy.

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was shot and killed by a murderer on a bicycle.

Bike patrol officer tries to ride down some stairs in an apparent skills demonstration. “Tries” being the operative word.

My son is browsing on Amazon for thousand dollar CPUs

There was a different kind of alleycat race in San Francisco last weekend: Supermarket Street Sweep or SMSW 2010, where the winners are the recipients of help from the San Francisco Food Bank. Meli was there with her camera. Tyrell was there too.


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