I don’t feel like blogging today….

So I’ll post my collection of bicycle facilities photos instead.

Steven created his own collection of bike facility photos, which prompted me to collect my photos of bike facilities — bike paths, bike lanes, bike signs, bike bridges, and some bike parking — into a single set on Flickr.

Bonus: Why in the world would I include a street sweeper in an slideshow about bicycle facilities?

See if you can spot:

* The bike path near Moab Utah.
* The bike rack in a state park trailhead in Santa Cruz County.
* The special lane just for cyclists at the Tijuana-San Ysido border crossing.
* A goofy bike lane speed bump.
* A signed bike route inside of a major international airport.
* My family on the Golden Gate Bridge.
* A tunnel just for bikes in Taiwan.
* The bidirectional sidepath in Santa Cruz.
* Lane sharing with a giant locomotive.
* Bike parking in Taiwan.
* “Share The Path”
* Denver’s so-called “Pedestrian Mall”

Click the fullscreen icon to play the slideshow.


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