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It’s not really my thing, but some of you may enjoy the photos from a blessing of bikes in Menlo Park, California this last weekend. St Bedes Episcopal Church is on Sand Hill Road, a very popular riding route for avid cyclists from all around the San Francisco Peninsula. Rev. Jane McDougle says the blessing shows support of healthy travel and environmentally sound choices and acknowledges the cyclist’s right to use public roads safely.

In any case, blessings for you as you ride your bicycle. Bicycling is my meditation and my quiet time, whether I’m going fast or slow.

A boy rides his bicycle along the bank of Yenisey River in the town of Divnogorsk, 38 km (24 miles) south of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, October 11, 2010. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin  (RUSSIA - Tags: ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY SPORT CYCLING)

Biking nurse makes house calls.

Biking family on world record quest in Argentina.

Free Range Kids on biking to school: Why is this even a debate?

Solar powered eBike travels France to Japan.

Grist: Alberta tar sand mining aerial view.

BMX Pro TJ Lavin crashes.

Bikes on board Chicago Metra real time status page.

A man rides a bicycle as it rains in Puerto Esperanza in the province of Pinar del Rio in Western Cuba October 14, 2010. Rain and wind raked northwestern Cuba on Thursday as fading Tropical Storm Paula neared the coast on a path toward the capital Havana. The Cuban weather service said wind gusts of up to 52 miles per hour (85 kph) were reported, while 2.5 inches (65 mm) of rain fell in a few hours in the westernmost province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba's top tobacco-growing region. REUTERS/Desmond Boylan (CUBA - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT)

In spite of other new-fangled contraptions, the bicycle remains as ‘A New Motor to Mankind for Individual Locomotion’.

English Russia Photo Gallery: St Petersburg Vehicle Diversity. They have cars, trucks, scooters and bicycles. They have horses. They even have jet skis!

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