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Last night’s light rain made my morning ride to work a little damp. Another storm is supposed to arrive into the SF Bay Area Saturday night, with up to five inches of rain expected in the Santa Cruz Mountains where I live.

Still, that’s nothing compared to Taiwan, where Typhoon Megi has dumped a record 45 inches of water on parts of the island. Some of you know I was supposed to be there, but I sent Blacknell and Beverly instead. Mark from Bike Hugger is there as well.

Typhoon Megi South China Sea

Not to worry, though: they’re holed up at a brand new 5 star resort at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan’s interior. Rooms start at $1000 a night at the Wen Wan, which literally has gold plated toilets and sink fixtures. And the group of American bike bloggers will while away their time hanging with Oscar Freire, Robert Hunter, Tadej Valjavec and David Tanner. Like the Chinese might say in this situation, C’est la vies.

Bicycle News

New York: Cycling is not legal on path marked as a bike route on official bike map. Oops.

Brooklyn: Bike lanes reduce speeding and wrong-way cycling.

Los Angeles considers anti harassment legislation for cyclists.

SF East Bay: Walnut Creek Bike Bridge grand opening.

San Mateo: The Pico Boulevard gate. Been meaning to post about this earlier. More on this later (I hope).

Redwood Shores and bicycle access.

Washington DC: Bike share station location decisions.

Kinda funny in a pathetic sort of way.

MAKE: Unicycle with training wheels.

Another Puma bike collob project.

Gran Fondo Penticton, BC. That’s about 250 mile east of Vancouver.

Back to Taiwan: Fluff piece on Giant Bicycles.

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  1. When I was in Manhattan last April, I had 3 instances of cops yelling at me because I had the nerve to ride my bike in a bike lane. Twice it happened over around Times Square, while I was on a green-painted bike lane with the stencil of a bicycle in the middle of it, and once was on the southern end of the path in that story you linked to. In no location was there a sign telling me to dismount.

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