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Happy 1st Tueday of November, AKA USA Election Day. In California, the turnout has been in the neighborhood of 55% for this mid-term election.

Bicycle news and more

A chart from The System: cycling_fun = F(speed, effort, danger, terrain).


ITAR-TASS: RYAZAN REGION, RUSSIA. NOVEMBER 1, 2010. Boys ride bicycles near a row of new house in the village of Kriusha, some 20 miles north of Ryazan. In July 2010, a devastating wildfire destroyed 29 homes, 23 dachas, and 77 structures, as well as the local school, post office and two stores, leaving 126 people homeless. 65 completely new houses have been built in the village. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Alexander Ryumin) Photo via Newscom

Long Beach, California: a bunch of people show up to ride their bikes. Police issue tickets for running red lights (okay), equipment violations (maybe okay), lack of registration (getting questionable here). Police then confiscate bikes. Do local police have statutory authority to do this in California? More discussion at Biking In LA.

A once-fringe activist group has landed squarely in the mainstream of Seattle politics” says the Seattle Times about the Cascade Bicycle Club: Politics, friction reshape influential Cascade Bicycle Club. Bike Intelligencer in Seattle has also mentioned the group’s growing pains recently.

USA Cycling considers ban of helmet cameras during races. Frame mounted cameras will still be permitted.

Stationary bike + computer cables + Google Earth = Virtual Reality cycling. Kinda sorta. Via Lifehacker.

“B-Shares” = Food donation delivery by Bike.

BISICKLE = “The bicycle as a lunchpail.”

Bicycle Design: Beixo shaft drive city bike.

Striking workers from French oil giant Total ride bicycles as they arrive for a demonstration over pension reform in Saint Nazaire October 28, 2010 after leaving the oil refinery of Donges. Further strikes disrupted rail and air transport in France on Thursday but the broader protest over plans to raise the retirement age appeared to be on its last legs a day after parliament adopted pension reform legislation.  REUTERS/Stephane Mahe (FRANCE - Tags: POLITICS EMPLOYMENT BUSINESS CIVIL UNREST ENERGY)

Bike helmet stinks when it’s no longer good for use.

Public transportation is good for kids.

Photo contest: Best bus route in America.

20 Is Plenty campaign in Hoboken, New Jersey. Because you really don’t want to run into a giant sinkhole.


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