Strong, Light and Beautiful

Good morning. About the time this is autoposted on Friday morning, I’m enjoying the last bit of good weather in the Bay Area by joining Beverly and Kate in Cupertino for a short road ride.

Beverly runs women’s cycling clinics as Strong, Light and Beautiful. Much of 2010 has been on hiatus for her as she’s recovered from major surgery, but she’s back on her feet and hopefully will run these clinics again soon.

Kate leads Global Soul Adventures, an adventure travel company. I met Kate on last year’s Taiwan adventure, and she begins every day with either a run, a swim, a bike ride, and sometimes all three together.

If you see two very fit women and one slovenly guy on Foothill Expressway, please don’t honk, but feel free to wave or something.

Bicycle News

US Teens eschew cars. Via Carlton.

Bike Touring activism on Oregon coast.

Bike Skirt suggest using this as a wedding cake topper. Click through on the photo for the Etsy page!

Etsy: Paper Kissing Couple on Bike

Bike Sharing is the newest transit mode.

Warren: “The Office” bike commuters.

Bello Velo: How automobiles make our streets less livable.

Italian law says cyclists must wear reflective vests or belts after dark.

Tama Hills Bike Race in Japan.

Failing caribiners can be very very bad.

Loving the Bike: Confessed anti-cyclists starts loving the bike. Cool story.

Even if you’re not strong, light or beautiful, you can ride a bike and pretend. Enjoy the weekend, and I hope to see you at the San Francisco Bike Expo on Saturday.


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