Bike Tuesday roundup

There ain’t nothin’ worse than being called a no good bicycle thief.

Troy Howes and Eno James of Georgetown, Guyana were in a heated argument when Eno stepped things up by accusing Troy of the worst thing he could think of: a “bicycle thief.”

This was more than Troy could handle. He was so enraged by this accusation that he pulled a knife and stabbed Eno in the shoulder.

More: Accused in knife stabbing was called ‘bicycle thief’- court hears.

Autumn Panda

You might remember the case last Spring, when Julius Lyles saw what he thought was his son’s bike, which was stolen earlier. Julius was so angry he rammed his SUV into the teen riding the bike and nearly killed him. It turns out the teen was riding his own bike. Lyles was sentenced to three years in prison for his crime.

Mt Umunhum — site of the old Almaden Air Force Stations — is the third highest peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains at 3,486 feet and is encompassed within the 18,000-acre Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve near Los Gatos. Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) is working on public access for this peak. Open house and public hearings scheduled over the next few months in Los Gatos, CA. More info here.

Palo Alto teen on bicycle vs school bus.

You’d think a paid subscription news source could afford an editor who knows the difference between “peddle” and “pedal”.

European Commission says “No” to 500 watt max for ebikes. US Federal law limits assembled ebikes to 750W motors; several states (including California) have a 1000 watt limit for homebuilt or kit bikes and add-on motors.

Lots of leatherwork on the world’s first motorcycle.

Biker Chic.

A new bridge in Philadelphia accomodates pedestrian and bicycle traffic. What a concept!

When the Schuylkill crossing opens Saturday after a heroic, 23-month reconstruction, Philadelphia finally will have a downtown bridge that caters to all users – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. The sidewalks are a decent width, the asphalt is as supple as velvet, and the white glyphs designating the roomy new bike lanes glisten like icing on a cake. The traffic lights are even being timed so people won’t have to play chicken with turning vehicles.

Well, duh, you might be thinking, isn’t that how city bridges are supposed to be built?

Portland, OR will build a transit bridge that serves public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists — but not private cars!

People in the San Francisco region, in the meantime, wonder why cyclists aren’t charged a toll to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge.



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