Bicycles in Brussels

I griped a little while back about the overuse of Queen’s “Bicycle” in bike videos, but I think it works fine in this video.

It’s one of those ‘flash mob’ musical performances, this time with bikes at a train station in Brussels, Belgium. Belgium is in Europe, home of bike advocating socialists, and the purpose of this particular flash mob performance is to promote 11.11.11, a non-profit with a commie New World Order agenda of creating fairer world without poverty. Conversely, Freddy Mercury’s song, “Bicycle,” is all about independence and freedom and removal of state control over individual matters. Maes (as in Dan Maes) is, incidentally, a Belgian name. Dan Maes shares his name with two Belgian Tour de France winners: Sylvere Maes and Romain Maes.

Via Keri, Ed, and Leona.


  1. Here is an interesting quote from the 11.11.11 English subsite “Key Issues” section:

    Development is more than economic advancement. Development also means empowerment and emancipation from confinements that limit self-reliance to improve one's own living conditions.”

    The problem with free markets is monopolies which are able to strangle competition and reduce labor compensation to subsistance levels. One effect of Nafta, according to journalist Chris Hedges, was the elimination of Mexican agriculture price supports which put millions of Mexican subsistance farmers out of work and on the trail across the border to the U. S.

    Encouraging the “uptake” of cycling as a viable means of transportation is a step toward a more independent, “free” lifestyle.

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