Momentum Magazine issue 43 pushed to the web this morning. This issue includes a 2010 Gear Guide which includes my review of Sanyo’s Eneloop bicycle. I’ll post a little more about this bike here later, but for now: Mostly, it’s a pretty cool electric bike. Butterflies and flowers optional.

Lunch Ride - Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Report: Cycling is bigger than hunting in Wisconsin.

Whatever it was, Adam Greenfield of San Francisco made a resolution at a party on Dec. 31, 2008: He would not drive, or ride, in an automobile for all of 2009.

People either applaud him or tell him he’s crazy.

“I know this is impractical for people who have to get three kids to three different schools before work starts at 9 a.m. – but I just want to get people talking and thinking,” he said.

Read more in the SF Chronicle: “A year without getting into a car.” See also Adam’s blog: The Gubbins Experiment.

Debunking the myth that bike infrastructure hurts business.

One of several 2010 Ladies Bicycle Calendars.

While YouTube assuredly played a role in elevating MacAskill from a $9-an-hour bike mechanic to a (potentially) six-figure international icon, crediting YouTube for his transformation is like crediting photography for making Marilyn Monroe famous. The images were important. But a lot more was going on.

More at Bike Intelligencer: How Danny MacAskill got famous.

Bikes for the Rest of Us on the elusive chainguard.

Book about a cross country bike trip. [Ad]

SF Sunday Streets 2010 dates and locations.

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