Bike To Work Santa Cruz County

Today is Autumn Bike to Work Day in Santa Cruz County, California. I stopped in at Mollie’s Country Cafe in Scotts Valley for the best free breakfast ever.

I visited Mollie’s once a few years ago, and the food and service were pretty horrible so I haven’t been back until this morning. Mollie’s has supported Bike To Work Day in Santa Cruz County for several years now, and they’re the only breakfast station in my town. I dropped in this morning expecting the usual collection of pastries and fruit offered at most bike to work events. What I got was a fresh cooked and delicious ham, cheese and egg English muffin sandwich with a heap of fried potatoes.

Free breakfast!

I ate outside chatting with a couple of local cyclists and Gary Milburn. Gary’s the LCI who teaches the local bike traffic safety class, and he’s a super nice guy. He also leads Saturday “bike to breakfast” rides from his home in Santa Cruz as a way to encourage people to use their bikes more.

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  1. That does look good. Its a good idea to put on a good breakfast for free. Clever marketing, get people coming back about how good it is.

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