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Happy Friday!

I think those of us who ride on a mix of roads and bike facilities already know that bike lanes seem to encourage more dangerous passing behavior by motorists. A study by Leeds and Bolton universities in England backs this up: Researchers mounted a camcorder on the rear rack of a bicycle and rode on three roads that each had sections with and without cycle lanes. On all three roads, drivers gave cyclists less room where there was a cycle lane.

Read more in the Times: Cycle lanes encourage motorists to drive closer to bikes, says study.

My puppy enjoys rides on the back of my bike!

Puppy Panda

If you bike in or around Santa Clara County in California, please sign the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s No Bikes Sign Removal Petition. Airport staff recently installed “No Bikes” signs on Airport Boulevard, although California law gives them no authority to do so. I found myself caught unawares on this “no bikes” portion of Airport Boulevard last week. Yeah, the Guadalupe River Trail is immediately adjacent, but biking on dusty gravel is the pits compared to nice, smooth freshly paved roads.

Beth Jones on Rapha’s $70 shop apron.

Bikes For the Rest of Us on Yuba Mundo v3.0.

Marin County Grand Jury says SMART should delay building the bike path. SMART responds: we promised voters a bike path, we’re building the bike path. Good move on their part.

Dingaling a ling! Electric bike bells.


  1. What kind of dog is that? Shih Tzu/Maltese? My girlfriend has a dog that looks exactly like that.

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