Bike Like a Pirate photos

My slideshow of photos during last Friday night’s “Ride Like a Pirate” theme Bike Party.

I shot from the ride start on Stevens Creek Boulevard at Wolfe Road. Because of problems in more recent rides, Bike Party organizers decided to disclose the start location to “responsible” riders. In spite of the secrecy, about 2,800 people showed up. You can read about how this impacted the ride at Bike Party’s “Ride Reflections” post. I agree there are problems, but one of the impacts was less diversity in the participants, which I think is unfortunate. Still, Bike Party are trying, and I really don’t know what a better solution might be.

Enjoy the slideshow. Click the fullscreen icon to view large if you’d like.

More Pirate Ride pictures at Garote’s Livejournal.

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