Video: Safe bicycling for children

Here’s an instructional video from the 90s produced by the city of Madison, Wisconsin with funding from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and distributed by the League of American Bicyclists. The video covers the limitations of a child’s perceptions and skills, the rules of the road, traffic safety, door zone riding, sidewalk riding, common hazards, and, of course, safety gear.

Props to Patrick Grant in Sunnyvale, who posted this video to YouTube.


  1. Some good suggestions for younger riders. However there are numerous issues unaddressed in this video. As a father who has raised four sons to ride STR, some of the most important issues (beyond teaching safe cycling skills) have to do with variables that concern the driving skills-behavior of those behind the wheel, not cyclists. The growing risks of distracted drivers and the dangers they create for smaller cyclists continues to be ignore. It is impossible for a young mind to empathize, recognize and understand the operating behavior of an distracted, anxious or even worse, angry-hurried driver.

    Add in the fact that our neighborhood streets have been expanded beyond two lanes to six or more and you’ll begin to understand why so many parents are against free range sons and daughters.

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