1. I didn’t see any bikes on the way to the polls, but then again this ain’t sunny California – it was 30 degrees when I went.

  2. I rode there at 6:45 AM (luckily it is on my commute route anyway) but it was 32 deg, so no other cyclists as crazy as I am!

  3. I did bike to my polling place since it was not far out of the way of my everyday bicycle commute to the office. But there was absolutely no place to lock my bicycle there. However, I felt that no one at the retirement home (my polling location) was a threat to steal it, and no one bothering to physically vote in a mid-term is likely to be a bike thief. So I just parked it unlock in the side of the parking lot. No problem.

  4. We have mail ballots here in Oregon, but I took the nice weather on Sunday to pedal up to the drop box for ballots at the local library!

  5. Same here… my polling place is a museum which has no bike parking, but I can’t imagine that voters would be the ones stealing bikes. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that if I’m on the nice commuter bike 😀

    I think I usually walk to the polling place. It’s only about 1000ft away, though I have been known to bike distances shorter… but that’s a topic for another blog post.

  6. It’s not quite as impressive as staring down a row of soldiers with AK-47’s to cast my ballot, but I did dodge cars while biking El Camino Real to get to the polling place.

    I’ve always voted in every election, always biked to the polling place since taking up cycling, and never have seen anybody else doing it.

  7. Heck yes. I thought they were going to make all of us walk through the metal detector and might hassle me about all the tools in my messenger bag, but all went smoothly.

  8. I hope I’m not out of place here, but we voted last week for mayor in Toronto and a tweeter suggested that people ride their bikes to the polling stations.

    Perhaps cycling to the polls will become a form of silent advocacy that we can use for all elections: municipal, state/provincial & federal.

  9. I voted this morning on my way to work in Madison, WI and was pleased to see 3 other bikes leaning outside the elementary school. None of them locked up. And it was a cold one! 30 degrees and foggy with the sun straining to burn through. Cycling is alive and well in Madison!

  10. I biked to the polls… and realized that I was breaking the electioneering laws since my bicycle is festooned and one of the stickers festooning it is a Gill for senate sticker… but I wasn’t nabbed 🙂

  11. Oh, and hoppily, when I came out there were *two* delicious cycles on the rack, too… a Bianchi with a coffee mug in the bottle holder and another prime commuting bike. I was already late for work so I didn’t dig out the camera.

  12. It was a mean and unforgiving half-mile ride to the polling place closest to my house, especially in this harsh Bay Area weather 😉

  13. I rode to the polls on my bicycle, but didn’t see anyone else there. Of course, this is Oklahoma and I almost never see another cyclist on my daily commute.

  14. I rode my bicycle to the polls but didn’t see any other cyclists there. Of course, this is Oklahoma and I almost never see another cyclist on my daily commute.

  15. Block and a half away, so I walked. But this reminds me that my polling place doesn’t actually have any bike racks, despite the fact that it’s a community art center fashioned out of an old elementary school. Pretty appalling, now that I think about it. [adds project to list]

  16. Yes, I did. It was part of my regular commuting. Of course, it was rather warm yesterday in Minnesota.

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