Boston Dawna

Cuts hair by day and crime by night.

The motto on the business card pretty much sums up Boston Dawna, who for many years has been a one-woman, bicycle-riding, crime-fighting machine in Venice.

By her own estimate, she has initiated thousands of private citizen’s arrests of “thieves, burglars and robbers,” pouncing on them from bushes and restraining them with handcuffs she buys in bulk from the Pleasure Chest sex shop.

Venice residents sad to see Dawna is moving back to Boston. More at the LA Times: Venice’s one-woman crime-fighting machine is heading back to Boston. Props to Nick.

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  1. I guess this Boston Dawna person is not what she said she is. I was told by a reliable source that she was kicked out of Venice Beach by her landlord for not paying her rent and for destroying her apartment on Fleet.. She ran because he was going to sue her for $50,000…And yesterday she lost in court to Venice 311.. A restraining order was granted to the Venice 311 people to have Dawna stay away…. 

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