Burley Travoy

In last Friday’s cargo bike discussion, Ted Johnson of the Bike Trailer Blog let me know about the Burley Travoy, a totable bike trailer than can carry up to 60 pounds.

I realize now that several bike and outdoor blogs have already mentioned the Burley Travoy.

Like Bike Hugger points out, the Travoy looks a lot like the handtrucks and golf bags we’ve seen people pull on their bikes. The Travoy takes that idea a step up by making it foldable and collapsible so you can use it like a backpack or pull it along like rolling luggage.

Unlike other bike trailers, Burley’s 10 lb “Urban Trailer System” is still useful independent of the bike. Attached to the bike via a seatpost hitch, the Travoy can tote 60 pounds of stuff from market to home.

More at Burley Travoy product page.


  1. =v= Wow, that's awesome. I've seen some folding handtrucks and pondered how they might work for bikes, but they've looked too flimsy. Burley will surely make 'em right.

  2. Today I've been checking out the bags for the Travoy too (http://www.biketrailershop.com/burley-accessori…). The “Upper Transit Bag” would be a sweet briefcase even without the attachment loops for the Travoy. It's got all the little pockets you'd expect for a phone, pens, files, etc., plus a sleeve for a laptop up to 15″. (Too bad it can't fit a 17″ laptop, which is what I have.) I can't find any good photos of it. I'll have to take some.

    Since I'm no longer a city slicker, I was wondering if it could be adapted for trail riding. I just tried putting some 20″ Bongo wheels on it (https://www.biketrailershop.com/wandertec-bongo…). The axle diameter fit, and locked in, but the axel was about an inch too long, and would need spacers to fit snugly against the insert points. We're going to find out what Burley thinks of the idea (vis-a-vis warranty issues, etc.).


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