California Podium Girls

Podium Girls Ashley and Jenn have the privilege of kissing sweaty men at each stage finish of the 2010 Amgen Tour of California.

They wear Fly V Australia flight attendant uniforms. Jenn’s name tag says “Sally,” and Ashley’s name tag is “Heidi.” Jenn is the brunette; Ashley is blonde.

Podium Girls Jenn and Ashley

Podium Girl Jenn

Ashley looks right into your eyes with her hazel eyes and strokes your arm when she talks with you. Does she have any idea what that does to a man?

Podium Girl Ashley

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  1. I'm gonna guess that Yes, Ashley knows, and she probably also gets whatever she wants.

  2. I am quite sure that Ashley does know. I also wonder if the red heels are worn on the planes?

  3. …beautiful healthy looking young women…& both quite different…classy, in my book…

    …& those riders get a chance to at least wipe down before they hit that stage, fritz…usually a fresh jersey for the foto op, too…gotta please the sponsors…

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