Study seeks SF and Boston motorists

Try car-free living for a week for a chance to win an iPad.

Do you

  • Live and work in either Boston or San Francisco?
  • Regularly travel by car?

A research consultancy might like to select you for a study in which you will be asked to live without a car for a week. In return, study participants will be reimbursed for transportation expenses and have a chance to win an iPad (1 in 10 chance). You must be willing to not drive a car at all from Monday, November 1st – Sunday, November 7th.

San Francisco cyclists bicycle bike

The researchers will document your experiences in trying non-car transportation — they want to know your successes, frustrations, and suggestions for improvement as your try public transportation, biking and walking in your city as you go to your work, your shopping and other errands, and your personal activities.

The study — “Tech for Transit: Designing a Future System” — investigates how cities, transportation providers and technology companies can use Web, mobile, real-time, and location-aware technologies to improve transportation modes so that they work together as a fluid system, adding value to individuals’ lives. They’ll ask how cities can encourage people to use the various more sustainable modes of transportation; what role the web, mobile, real-time, and location-aware technologies play in improving transit experiences; and how various transportion modes can be designed to function together as a fully integrated and more intelligent system of transportation.

To apply for this study, you fill out a survey. DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, OCTOBER 20, so apply today if you’re interested. Via.

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