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There’s a nice writeup on five kid and cargo carriers at Treehugger today. They looked at the Yuba Mundo (v. 3.0), Taga trike / stroller, Stokemonkey + Xtracycle, Bakfiets, and one handmade bike — the ShuttleBug from Joe Bike in Portland, OR.

After you’ve read the Treehugger article, come back here to see a few other options you may not have heard of!

Rans Hammer Truck

Rans Hammer Truck

Rans, known for their recumbents and ‘crank forward’ upright bikes, introduced the HammerTruck cargo bike at Interbike 2008. The HammerTruck is the Rans unique take on longtail cargo bike. The 35 lb bike can carry up to 500 lbs of rider and cargo, with huge bags to carry cargo and optional running boards to support the weight. TIG welded 4130 CroMoly frame builds up to a 35 lb bike that handles nicely, even when fully loaded. MSRP $1995.

Bullit Truck Bike

I saw this one in San Francisco.

Bullit truck bike

Bullits are “fast cargo bikes” by Larry & Harry in Copenhagen. Mikael of Copenhagenize likes to pop wheelies with these guys. Buy online, or USA dealers in Ann Arbor, Chicago, Portland OR, and Columbus OH. Prices range from €1800 (about US$2400) and up (way up), with around €500 (US$700) charged for shipping to the USA.

Zigo Leader

For a child carrying trike that converts to a stroller, I’m a fan of the Zigo Leader. It folds, converts quickly to a jog stroller, and also converts quickly to a regular two wheel bicycle.

Frances Small Haul

For handbuilt truck bikes, I like the Small Haul from Frances Cycles in Santa Cruz, CA. Josh (the builder behind Frances) uses that truck bike for loaded touring and brings his dog along on rides up into the Santa Cruz mountains. Josh, incidentally, is also the driving force behind the Santa Cruz Bike Church.

Brown Cycles KidzTandem

Kids Tandem

I’ve rhapsodized previously on Chris Brown’s KidzTandem. Did you know you can take that front saddle off and pop a basket in its place?

What are your favorite cargo and kid carrying bikes?


  1. I was thinking about doing the xtracycle with their PeaPod LT, but now I am seriously considering the Kidz Tandem. It offers so many options and will last a lot longer than anything else.

    I love the idea of my daughter being able to see rather than looking at my back.

  2. I guess its a personal thing, but I think there's a step forward to be made generally in design with the forest of cables on bikes like the Hammer Truck. It's really noticeble on the foldup bikes of just about every make I can think of. Like overhead power-lines. The Tandem is better, cables are routed down the head-tube, although it still distracts from the overall look.Yellow c-housing would look good.

  3. A few more for the list ….

    Cleaver Bikes (Oakland) – He'll do a custom long john frame for you but I don't know the prices on them. He also makes an interesting cargo bike called “the pick up” which has a front rack for heavy hauling.

    Human Powered Machines (Oregon) – More long john style bikes!

    Cetma (Oregon) – Lane started with racks and now he's building cargo bikes!

    ??? (Florida) – There is another company in Florida that is selling long john cargo bikes for ~$2k. I forget the

    You probably saw Erik Zo's Bullitt. It's the only one I've seen in the city and he spoke highly of it when I bumped into him at the Farmer's Market. I rode one in Chicago and it was lovely. It's the only long john I've ridden but it was a blast.

  4. Love Chris Brown's Kidz Tandem! And thanks for heads-up re Treehugger's cargo piece.

    To see NextSpace Santa Cruz CEO Jeremy Neuner hauling office supplies via cargo bike, and Isidro Bassaro of Cannery Row Deli, who likewise hauls his goods via cargo, check “Biking-by-the-Bay, Cargo Style” at

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