Charity rides

Turning Wheel for Kids cycling team wants to raise $60,000. This Bay Area group build bikes for kids in need, and they’re using the July 10 Death Ride as a fundraising opportunity. (Via Jodi in the Bay Area)

Girls on Bicycles San Jose

Tour de Peninsula 2010 takes place on Sunday August 1. Proceeds benefit the San Mateo County Parks Foundation and Bicycle Sunday – car-free biking on Canada Road for more than 60,000 cyclists annually.

Brita Climate Ride September 21-25 in northern California for climate change awareness.

Malik Rahim of Houma, Louisiana biking for the Gulf of Mexico.

RIP John Anczarski. This 19 year old studen was bicycling cross country for the Pink Pedal Project when he was struck and killed by an SUV in New Mexico. (Via Amber in San Diego)

Ciclovia in Kentucky.

Zero jail time for a Chicago driver who intentionally gun for cyclists in your car.

Research: Roundabouts = more bike accidents. (Via Rad Spannerei.

When it comes to bicycles, horses act a lot like squirrels. (Via Bob in Chicago)

MAKE: How To Build a Cargo Bike.

Electric assist pedals? I’m dubious.

Shimano announced eBike component group, including motor and batteries. The group goes with the 15mph / 250watt limitations common outside of the United States. See also Bicycle Design commentary.

Tour de France bikes to be scanned for electric motors.

Paris Bike Polo!

LA Cycle Chic: Graduation Cycle Chic.

Jenna Bush Hager lost her bike.

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