Cinco de Mayo


Hope you had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! Please don’t drink and drive, because you’re sharing the road with my kids on their bikes tonight.

Urban Velo points us to Mexico Fixed, which claims to be the first Fixed Gear website in Mexico. (Shouldn’t that be Mexico Fijos or something?)



WEND Magazine has a thousand bucks in schwag for the winner of their Friday Photo “Bike To Work” contest. Below is how my commute looks. How about yours?

Soqeul Avenue Santa Cruz

Sacramento: Velo Vintage Fashion Show on May 8 (this weekend!).

Bicycle Design does bike advocacy.

Change Your Life: Tandem.

Road Rights: Riding Two By Two.

Bike Months NYC events.

MAKE Magazine discovers Bike Church Santa Cruz.

Grist: Telekom Austria to repurpose phone booths into e-bike recharging stations.

And Grist again: Green cars do not make green cities, which is cool because they use the word “Gigajoules” in a graph of energy use and population density.

Bikes & the City new series with Bike NOPA: Women Who Bike.

Bikes & Fashion in Vogue Nippon.

Girls on Bikes: Gah.

Austin job listing for a barista says: “We offer bike storage, showers and clean locker rooms for bicycle commuters.

I’ll have to give this one some thought: Choosing the right electric bicycle.

Chicago Bike The Drive on May 30.

Urban Velo: European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition.


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