Clubfoot tire repair

This man with no hands and severe clubfoot apparently has a roadside business repairing bicycle tires!

bicycle tire repair with clubfoot

If you follow the entire sequence of photos, it looks like this man can remove the tube from the tire, patch it, and then mount the tire all with his feet. He’s apparently missing one arm and his other arm is severely deformed. He also has severe clubfoot / talipes equinovarus.

H/T to Alison.


  1. that is insane. anytime I hear anyone complaining about changing tires, I will have this running in the back of my never stopping images in the back of my brain running as reference
    thanks for sharing

  2. This is a inspiring post you have. Many people keep on complaining about their life, maybe this could be the best example to them. Thanks for sharing this post I was inspired.

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