CONTEST: Win Mark Cavendish Book


I’m running a contest! The winner gets a copy of THE ACTUAL BOOK that Mark Cavendish held in his sweaty hands and autographed shortly after winning the first stage of the 2010 Amgen Tour of California.

Boy Racer

This is the specific book made famous by the Los Angeles Times, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, and even the New York Times. You can own this piece of cycling history.

In his autobiography, Cavendish devotes a chapter to each stage of the 2008 Tour de France that he completed before he abandoned after Stage 14. During each “Stage” he also recounts an aspect of his upbringing and training that brought him to his four stage wins in 2008, writing with his informal voice liberally sprinkled with F-bombs and British English terms such as “scally,” “HGV,” “bonnet,” and “kilometer.” Boy Racer is a quick and easy read giving honest insights into the life of a rookie pro cyclist. Of particular interest in the aftermath of the 2010 Tour of California are Cavendish’s apparently candid thoughts on doping in pro cycling.

The prize is my marked up, slightly used pre-publication review copy of Mark Cavendish’s autobiography Boy Racer autographed by Cavendish in Sacramento. If you want a brand new, untarnished edition, please feel free to purchase it new. The released US edition has some additional material that’s not found in the original UK edition nor in my review copy.


How to enter


This is the part where those of you who don’t use Facebook will hate me.


1. Visit the Cyclelicious Fan Page on Facebook and, if you’re not already a fan, “Like” the page by clicking the “Like” button. YOU’RE NOT DONE YET so come back here for the rest of it!

Cyclelicious Facebook Fan Page 1


2. On the Cyclelicious Fan Page wall, post something bike related. It could be a link to your blog or Twitter account (just paste the web page URL into the text box, along with descriptive text so we know what we’re looking at), or you could upload a photo or video of yourself riding a bike.

Cyclelicious Facebook fan page wall

After you’ve “liked” the fan page and posted something to the wall, you have entered the contest. You can add additional entries, though! Each time somebody “Likes” or leaves a comment on your wall post, you get one additional entry. So spam tell your friends to “like” your Facebook wall post.

How to win

Please only one wall post per contestant.

I will select one winner at random from among all entries (where “likes” and comments on your wall post are each additional entries for the contestant) on the morning of Friday, June 11 (USA Pacific Time).

I will notify the winner via Facebook message — you have TWO DAYS AFTER I SEND THE NOTICE TO RESPOND TO ME. If I don’t receive your response, you forfeit the prize. I will either select an alternate or run another contest.

Contest void where prohibited, and it’s up to you to determine if the contest is allowed in your jurisdiction or not. Winner is responsible for any taxes, fees, fines, etc.

Good luck!


  1. …you're right, now i hate you (but only 'cuz this is a facebook thingy & i don't “do” facebook – besides hate is such a strong word…mind if i “dislike you intensely” for a while but only over this issue ???) & speaking of issues, i'd love to have won that particular “world renowned” issue of cav's book…but…

    …did i mention, i don't “do” facebook ???…

  2. …ummm. ahhh, fritz just asked me to tell you that the “contest” has been cancellara-ed so don't bother to got to that facebook thingy or leave any comments n' stuff 'cuz ahh, well it just wasn't right n' he doesn't want you to waste your time…

    …so glad i could act in this manner to help you all out & remember: don't bother going there & doing that…not that i have any ulterior motive regarding self serving purposes what so ever…i mean really…

    …glad we got that straight !!!…

  3. …whoops !!!…hoisted by my own petard…sheesh, i thought for sure i could fool 'em all…

  4. Agree with bgw, I don't “do” facebook either and besides, Cav owes me for the pictures we took of him in 08 and gave him in the last ToM.

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