Cool story of an avid cyclist

87 year old “still rides her bike — a 21-speed touring bike — to run errands, go to doctor appointments, and just for pleasure.”

In this letter to the editor in the Denver Post, Caron Stone brags about her mother, Carol Hupp, who got her bicycle at age 13.

When she earned her teaching degree, she took that bicycle to Tucson and rode it to school. She brought the bike to Denver and rode it to Steck Elementary School — at a time when teachers did not ride bicycles. As she chained up her bike one morning, an awed first-grader asked, “Are you a teacher?”

Carol soon had an entourage as she rode to school. Students waited in front of their houses until Carol came along and then joined the line of children all pedaling behind Carol, following her to school.

Carol rode her bike to the hospital for a hernia operation — and she was not happy when the doctors refused to let her ride home. When she had breast cancer, she rode her bicycle to the radiation treatments.

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Thank you to Jym Dyer.

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