David Herlihy in California

Author David Herlihy is visiting California to promote his book The Lost Cyclist this week.

Frank Lenz disappeared while circumnavigating the globe by bicycle on new-fangled pneumatic tires. Herlihy gives a fascinating and in-depth account of Victorian Era bike culture and follows Lenz on his journey until his disappearance. Another adventuresome cyclist of the day, William Sachtleben, is commissioned to search for Lenz’s remains and solve the riddle of his disappearance in the far flung regions of the world.

David Herlihy’s The Lost Cyclist chronicles the adventures of Lenz and Sachtelben. Herlihy will be at these locations this week to read excerpts from his book and talk about Lenz and his round the world bike trip.


  1. Does anyone know where the author is going to be presenting today Saturday July 24th?

  2. We visited an Art Museum in Sacramento last Saturday, where we found a flyer about his presentation. A tiny flyer! It said he would be presenting at the Bicycle Hall of Fame. Because this museum holds the Hall of Famers in California we believed he was going to be there at the Bike exhibition. We drove from the Bay Area to Sacramento in horrible traffic on I80 to see him. When we got there the museum, it was closed. The phone number in the flyer was disconected. We searched and searched on line to find out his presentation was in DAVIS. Soooooo sad!!! We would have loved to meet him closer to home….

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