Dr Venki rides a bicycle

Dr Venkatraman Ramakrishnan won the 2009 Nobel prize for chemistry. He doesn’t own a car and rides a bike to get around in Cambridge. During a visit to the Indian Institute of Science yesterday, he talked about cycling with members of Ride A Cycle Foundation and the Bangalore Bikers’ Club.

Some excerpts:

In India, cycling is perceived as a mode of transport only for the poor. So, what is it that makes you prefer a cycle?

I cycle for a variety of reasons, the first being that I enjoy cycling!

How does one manage cycling in the heat of the tropics?

No problem at all! Where I grew up, we had summers where the temperature used to go regularly to 45° Celsius! [for us Americans, that’s a heart stopping 113°F!] And we cycled around in the afternoon. [Translation: We rode uphill in the snow both ways and we liked it!]

Read the full interview: Citizen Matters Bangalore: City cyclists meet Nobel winning cyclist. Via Quickrelease.TV.

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