Drip dry

I’m running behind today because of the weather. I got up, saw the rain, and went back to bed.

Yes, I know how to stay dry on the bike. Yes, I know I won’t melt. And yes, I know you folks in Seattle are probably wondering “what rain?” (Cue Bike Hugger and “You’re doing it wrong!”) And yes, I hear from everybody about how wonderful the extended rain is for our reservoirs in northern California, but for me the relentless showers are like a Chinese water torture. Drip, drip, drip, drip.

I guess I’m starting to get acclimated to semi-arid California. I just hope Sea Otter this week will stay dry!

SB #270 Mountain View, Califonia

Thanks to all of you participating in the bike clothes laundry poll. If you don’t have fenders, you have some extra laundry.

Interbike show director Andy Tompkins posts his thoughts on the Taiwan Bike Show and the bike industry in general.

Dutch promotion video: Cycling (1) keeps you fit, (2) keeps you skinny, (3) feels good, (4) makes you healthy, (5) is easy, (6) is cleaner for the air, (7) is silent, (8) bypasses traffic congestions, (9) saves money, (10) and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And they hint cycling just might help you pick up babes if you can avoid crashing into the street furniture *doh*.

A new bike shop catering to commuters opening soon in Sacramento. I like the location: Right at the Amtrak station! Website here. I’ll be in Sac next month and will try to give them a visit.

Bike share in Dublin, Ireland.

UK Royal Mail plans to phase out bike delivery!

Civia Cycles carbon fiber fork recall. Civia Cycles has received two reports of forks cracking and one report of a fork breaking resulting in an abrasion on face and bruised ribs. Oof.

Fred Oswald sez, “stay out of the gutter.” I think it’s good advice.

Copenhagenize: Mainstream Cycling Surge?

Piet Canin is the Sustainable Transportation Program Director and all around good guy for Ecology Action in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Sentinel describes Piet as an avid cyclist, which he is, but probably not in the way most readers might think when they read that description.

Steve Nash rides a bike to the interview.

Cycling, Shoes, and Scrunchies.

The Bikes Of Paris-Roubaix.

Cuba: Bicycles and Crises. OTOH, no bikes in a post Peak Oil world? What do you think?

Win a free bike!

Bike Portland Monday Roundup by Elly always has good stuff.

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

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  1. …re: nor-cal rains…fully agree, sir…ARGHHHHHHhhh !!!…drip, drip, drip…

    …re: sea otter…fully agree, sir…OMMMmmm…OMMMmmm…OMMMmmm…

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