Eben Weiss

I’m filing this under “Celebrity,” because he kind of is.

Bike Snob NYC writes a book

Bike Snob‘s publicist begged me to keep his identity secret until after April 6, when the Wall Street Journal would reveal all about his identity in a feature article. April the publicist is a Santa Cruz gal and she’s so sweet and lovable, how could I resist her womanly charms?

Well, the New York Times City Room blog scooped the Journal today, so there you go. The Wall Street Journal, in turn, rushed the story out for publication a full week early in response.

I spoke with Mr Weiss on the phone a couple of weeks ago for Momentum Magazine. He’s much nicer and less snarky in person than you might expect, though he retains his trademark humor. Watch for the Bike Snob interview in Momentum in the May issue of the magazine. In the meantime, buy the book already. The publisher tells me the books are printed up; they’ll ship to book dealers for release on May 1.

I think I smell a book giveaway coming up here in the near future; stay tuned.


  1. His name reminds me of Erich Weiss, aka Harry Houdini. I guess he's a victim of his own success; if he didn't become as popular, this likely wouldn't have gotten out.

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