Electric unicycle

Focus Design’s “SBU v2.0” self balancing electric unicycle. I think I’ve seen this in the Jetsons. It’s like half a Segway with twice the cool.

The specs: 1000 watt hub motor is larger than on any ebike I’ve heard of (the Optibike has an 800W motor); gyros keep you stable and upright; 10 mph top speed ; about 12 mile range from a LiFePO4 lithium-ion phosphate 38.4 volt 5AH battery. $1500 and made in Washington state.

Via Edwin in Missouri. MOre at Focus Design.


  1. What’s with the crazy power? How about half the wattage at half the distance to make it much lighter. I can’t imagine people would actually need a 12 mile range with this, but maybe that’s just because I would consider it more of a toy than a real transportation device. I see this as more of an alternative to walking since it lacks a lot of the benefits of biking.

  2. At least twice as portable as a Segway, too. Shouldn’t be any problems taken one of those on a train.

    I can see how the hub motor can handle front/back balance for you, but how can it self-balance left/right? (Or is it presumed that the rider can handle that–i.e., knows how to ride a bike?)

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