Interbike 2010 fashion show photo & video

Momentum & Interbike presented “Ready to Ride”, a bike oriented fashion show, with bona fide bike riders modeling various styles of clothing, accessories and bicycles for men and women.

Ready to Ride Fashion Show-11

Ready to Ride Fashion Show-5

Ready to Ride Fashion Show-1

Ready to Ride Fashion Show-21

Ready to Ride Fashion Show-9

Interbike 2010 fashion show

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Sweet commuter fashions at the #interbike fashion show! on Twitpic

Nona Varnado Dutch Bike Dress

Jonathan Maus has posted his photos from the Interbike fashion show to Flickr; a few of his fashion show photos are in the sidebar here. You can view his entire set at Bike Portland.

“Ride This Bike” has also posted a number of short, 30 second videos to YouTube from Ready to Ride 2010. I’ve embedded a couple of them below.

In case you’re wondering about the woman in the red underwear, she’s wearing Movmoda eco-friendly performance lingerie.

Momentum Magazine will, no doubt, produce their own video summary of the bike fashion show and post it to their magazine website soon.

Interbike 2010 Ready to Ride Fashion Show repeats this afternoon at 3:30 PM. Immediately following is Bike Hugger’s Mobile Social, and immediately following that at 6:30 everybody will hop on their bikes to ride down the Las Vegas Strip. Autumn started yesterday, all, which means nights are shorter than days, so bring your lights!


  1. I’m pretty sure something like that would be a safety hazard. In fact, I got rear ended (in my car) once by a driver who was distracted by a woman in leather on the sidewalk.

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