Fixing a flat: Stuff it with weed

Have you ever been out in the weeds and you get a flat tire? You forgot the spare tube, the patch kit glue is dried out, and the pump is broken. What do you do?

One of the last resort standbys is to stuff your bicycle tire with dried grass. This trick supposedly will get you home without damaging tire and rim too much — certainly better than riding on a flat, if you can manage it.

Last February, an 18 year old US citizen apparently had to use this trick to bike across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, but instead of grass, he used “grass” — two and a half pounds of marijuana stuffed into his bicycle tires. Customs agents apparently got suspicious of his ride, inspected the tires, and arrested the kid.

More here. And an earlier incident here in Arizona.


  1. …hey, bud…what were you thinkin' ???…smugglin' buds into california from mexico is like “bringing coals to newcastle” as the saying goes…

    …better to have taken a little ride up into nor-cal…you'd still be pedalin' & smilin'…

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